Movement Improvement

by Stefanie Buller

for Ambitioned People in Sports, Music and Work Environments

Do you want to improve your movements? I´ll show you how!

Do you want to…

  • get out of stagnation
  • reach the next level in training
  • regain motivation and joy
  • integrate changes in your body
  • gain security and confidence in performance situations
  • injury prevention
  • find the right words as a coach/teacher

I deeply care that you achieve these goals as a top team of body, mind and soul.

The more than 1,000 ambitious individuals I have worked with since 2010 have a lot in common. They have a desire and joy for achievement. Where others are content, they keep going and are willing to go deep. Because they have a mind of their own and a strong will, they are skeptical of solutions that are too simple. And as specialists in their discipline, they know that mental well-being and physical performance are closely linked.

Do you feel the same way? Then you have come to the right place!

The basis of our work

You are a unique person, and therefore your body and your movements are unique. In many training approaches we treat bodies alone as objects to be “mastered”. But your body – including your brain – is not a programmable machine that you just have to torture enough to get the result you want. Therefore, to change something – for example, to move from stagnation or a training plateau to the next level – it can be more effective to change your understanding of the movement, rather than just keep repeating it.

My Basis

This is how, after many injuries, I recaptured my movements and my joy of movement. My training as a teacher of the Alexander Technique has played a big role in this. Over the years I have gained experience in many (many!) methods.  In July 2022 I successfully completed my bachelor’s degree in psychology, so that I can draw from a large pool for you. However, the biggest effective factor in our collaboration is our communication and working relationship.

The next step:

Write me a message and tell me about your goals and plans. I am looking forward to hearing what brought you here and how I can support you. That’s what the contact form is for. Also feel free to visit me on Instagram (@movement_improvement).

See you soon,

Yours Stefanie

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