"Movement Whisperer"
Specialist in psycho-physical interactions
future psychologist (currently studying)

"You want to improve your movements sustainably?
Then you are needed as a whole person.
Are you ready?"

Whether you are a musician, an athlete, a dancer or a professional, there are many reasons to work on the quality of your movement:

  • Stagnation in the training progress
  • a “bad” habit that prevents you from reaching the next level
  • the worry of not being able to do the job “this way” for much longer
  • changes in the body due to aging or injuries
  • decreasing confidence in your body and increasing nervousness in performance situations
  • injury prevention
  • regaining motivation and joy
  • finding the right words as a coach/teacher to support change

Since 2010, I have worked with over 1000 people on these issues – and they have one thing in common: they have a desire and joy for performance. Where others are content, they go further. They are willing to go deep, have a mind of their own and no time for bullsh*t.

Do you recognize yourself? Then you are right here! I look forward to hearing what brought you here and how I can support you. That’s what the contact form is for. This page is under construction. Feel free to visit me on Instagram (@movement_improvement).


Sincerely, Stefanie

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