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Train with your body instead of against it.

Your Body is not a Machine.

…even if you sometimes wish it were.

When you train and perform ambitiously, you want your body to function. You do everything for that: you have planned your training, nutrition and regeneration and you track your progress. And because you have recognized the importance of mental health and strength, you have already studied mental training and sports psychology.

And yet you don’t have total control. And that can feel very uncomfortable.

When your coach tells you what to change and you just don’t know what they mean.

When you have a movement that feels right, but the video analysis shows it’s not optimal.

When you just feel that something is not going right, but you don’t know what.

When always at the most important moment a part of your body or your thoughts get tense.

When you lose your desire because you can’t get rid of this stupid habit, even though it would take you to the next level.

When you notice how you are still inhibited to make certain movements after injuries months later.

Or if you simply want to deepen your knowledge about yourself, your body, your psyche and the connections.

This is the right place for you.

The better you understand yourself – the “blueprint of your body”, the influence of your thoughts and your learning history – the better you can handle yourself in the above mentioned situations. You will increase your leeway when things get tight and you will learn ways to find your own solutions to your challenges.

How you do that, we will work out together. In conversation, in movement, with fun and with sweat.

And sometimes – if necessary – also with a kick in the a*…

In the contact form you can write me what’s on your mind right now! I will answer in any case.

“The work on the upper body backswing has made a huge difference. If I hadn’t worked with Stefanie, I wouldn’t be as efficient as I am now.

One special quality is her stamina. You can tell that she wants to achieve something together with us and wants to see progress. And she just doesn’t give up. I think that’s very good.”

- Jason Osborne, former rower
2020 LM2X: silver medal, Olympic Games, Tokyo
2019 LM2X: 3rd place World Cup, 1st place World Cup III, 1st place World Cup II, European Champion.
2018 LM1X: world champion, world best time 06:41.030

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“The competitive rowers (like Jason Osborne) that Stefanie worked with got a better understanding of the use of the hip in the rowing motion. I recommend working with Stefanie to all competitive rowers who place a high importance on relaxation in addition to the tension phases in the rowing stroke.”

- Robert Sens, National Coach Austria
M4X: 2007 3rd place World Championship, 2004 5th place Olympic Games, 2003 and 2002 1st place World Championship
M2-: 1998 World Champion

Robert Sens Testimonial


since 03/2021 Austrian Rowing Association
Group training, individual work on site and online, “Train-the-Trainer”.

since 01/2021 Oli Rosenbladt, Competitive Jr. Rowing Director, Duxbury Maritime School, USA
“Train-the-Trainer” online, focus on movement pedagogy with youth.

2017 – 2019 Mainzer Ruderverein 1878 e.V. / National Squad
Support of the team Jason Osborne / Robert Sens and
other athletes, “train-the-trainer” as desired

2017 German State Coaches Conference Speaker

Publication in the Journal rudersport Hidden Potential

2016 Book „Masters-Rudern. Das Training ab 40.“
Collaboration on the new edition

06/2016 Intensive Training Weekend Switzerland
M4X, National Squad, Coach: Edouard Blanc

Nico Stahlberg, 2017 World Cup overall winner in skiff.
Individual work online.

2015 Publication in the Journal rudersport Rowing with the Body, not Against it.

2014 Pilot Project with Competitive Rower in Bremen
First contact with rowing / individual training

S.Buller Rudern

„The main realization was that many joints are somewhere else than I thought they were. It allowed me to better control the levers that act in rowing (…). Once I adapted my imagination to the anatomical reality, the forces acted more directly.“

- Benedict Nobel, née Ganzeboom, former competitive rower

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