Make piece – not war – with your tensions

A disease is spreading all over the world. Musicians of all kinds are especially in danger to be infected. It´s epidemic, highly infectious  and already so common that we think it´s normal.

The „Relaxation diseaseRD.

Other synonym: „Letting-go“-Plague


  • You´re not satisfied with yourself because you think you should be more relaxed.
  • Teachers are advising you to “learn to relax”.
  • Like a mantra you´re repetitively telling yourself „let go, let go“. Often combined with the word “just”: “just let go”.
  • You´re trying hard to be more relaxed.Advanced stadium:
  • You´re frustrated as you have to keep telling yourself to let go. Seems like your even to stupid to let go.
  • You experience your body as an enemy because it keeps producing these unnecessary tensions – although you´re telling it the opposite.
  • You realize especially in performance situations you how tight you are. You notice how your breathing stops, your thighs and arms become hard. You know: Playing like this will sound horrible. So you´ll have to relax. NOW. Immediately. But you don´t succeed.Two jobs simultaneously: 1. Play 2. Be

The worst suffering of those infected is a nagging feeling of failure and inferiority.

You are not alone.

The reason: The common belief that there were such things as “unnecessary tensions”. This belief creates – qua definition – a conflict between a body (producing these so called unnecessary tensions) and the intention of the mind to produce “relaxtion”.

A country won´t flourish during war.

First: peace. Then rebuilt. Including as many as possible.

Your sound won´t shine if you´re in war with yourself.

Make peace, then rebuilt. With all participants: body, mind, soul, spirit, instrument, surrounding.

Watch this video to understand your tensions and how to get rid of them.

And yet: tight arms, cramping fingers, tense shoulders and feet: We all know that this can´t produce a rich sound.

Direct your awareness deliberately and consequently only to everything that supports, carrys and stabilises. In every way. All the time. And your tensions will disappear. Guaranteed.

Be patient.

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Make peace – not war.

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