What learning to play the cello and to run have in common

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About three month ago two opportunities arose which enrich my life and my being an AT teacher so much that I want to share a few of my insights with you. It´  so interesting to see learning to play the cello and to run have in common.

Starting to play the cello with 36

I wanted to learn to play the cello since I was five. The reasons why this never happened are many – and belong to the past. As I worked with some cellists recently I noticed how alive this wish still is inside of me. A friend has a not-played cello which he lends to me. I am taught by a young cellist who gets AT lessons by me in return. When my cello “hums” it´  s simply bliss.

Starting to run with 36

I could never do what´  s called ‘jogging’. I got side aches after five minutes. Later I was adviced against running because of knee injuries. I tried it again and again. With walkman, audio courses, books, schedules, alone – again and again. Maybe I made it to 7 minutes – but not more. I didn´  t join running courses or groups because the beginners should be able to run at least 15 minutes. Then I saw the course offering of the running coach Kerstin Meyer in Bremen. The goal of her courses is that anyone can slowly run 20 – 30 minutes at the end. Today I did the 25 minutes for the second time! Hurray!

What learning to play the cello and to run have in common

Both challenge me – my whole person – without ifs and buts. I learn a lot about letting go of my expectations towards myself. If things worked out well yesterday and today I want to be ‘at least as good as yesterday’ frustration will occur for sure. The strings don´  t resonate, the wrist is cramping, so does the right thumb (bow hand) – and the shoulder! During jogging I don´  t get air, everything is heavy, heavy, heavy…

Running and playing the cello teach me that today I am not the same as I was yesterday.

Wether I sit down with the cello or do my warm up for running – my first question is: ‘So – Stefanie – who are you today?’ And then I let the answer suprise me. And then suddenly everything I have learned so far is right at hand!

Dear reader: Who are you today?

I´  d love to hear from you and support you on your way. Feel free to drop me a message or question here!

Love, Stefanie

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