Alexander Technique and Cello Adventure!

Ten days of very intensive studies ly behind me! I gave myself – truly – into the hands of Vivien Mackie, a cellist, who studied three years with  Pablo Casals and who is a  Alexander-Technique-Teacher with  40 years of experience!

I had cello lessons and Alexander lessons of course. Breath, songing and my way of using my hands while teaching where also topics. And repetitively: How can I develop a strong back? Furthermore I had the opportunity of teaching three lessons under her supervision. With great patience and seriousness, humor and ease she stretched my limits beyond my imagination.

This is her book:
“Just Play Naturally”
Account of Her Cello Study with Pablo Casals in the 1950’s and Her Discovery of the Resonance Between His Teaching and the Principles of the Alexander Technique
ISBN-10: 1425708692

You can order it at your local book store!

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