Alexander Technique and Rowing

Rowing is a phantastic sport – also for the observer. I really appriciate watching the rowers during their training on our river “Weser”.  And watching rowing is an excellent training vor watching movement: Up to 8 people make the same movement simultaiously – and the differences in the individual coordination become really obvious.

For two days now I have been sitting in a “gig” boat – for cheer curiousity: Does the Alexander Technique something to offer for coaxmen and if yes – what?

First interview with amateur rowers and a rowing coach ranged from ”  ´Probably only for women` to ´Interesting – but what are the benefits?`

Great Britain the – quasi – home of the Alexander Technique is far ahead in this case! I found this: Olympic games 2004 Athens – mens coxless four

Two of the for gold medal champions took  Alexander Technique lessons. Guess who! The differences ar amazing! Whatch the video and compare the coaxmen in terms of:

  • poise and “length” of the spine
  • use / deflection of the hip joints
  • “orthogonal” orientation with the boat (two of the rowers are a bit “off”)
  • overall impression of calmness and coolness during extreme performanceI am looking forward to your observations and feedback!

I would answer the questions for benefits with my todays knowledge like this:

  1. The Alexander Technique trains movement economy – every spare calory can make a diffrence!
  2. The Alexander Technique trains balance – important, because the course of the boat shouldn´t be disturbed
  3. The Alexander Technique trains body knowledge. the correct use of hip joint releases pressure in the spine, frees the breath and the full range of arm musculature.
  4. The Alexander Technique trains a good use of oneself in terms of excitement and tension.

Find here the  article with quotes of the collegue and the solution of the little quiz:

Many thanks to Alexandra Cornelius for patient questioning, explaining and analysis!

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