„Whereby do I notice that I am alive?“ – A „Holy“-days´-thought

What ist he Alexander Technique about?  I repeatedly ask myself this question – hoping to have an answer, when someone asks me. This is my thought of today – „Good Friday“.

Within the Alexander Technique there is the term „Inhibition“. It describes a pausing oft he current activitiy in order to create a free space with the option potentially to change direction. I like to compare this inhibition with „de-clutching“ while driving a car: A disengaging oft he current state is necessary to change gear. But: The goal of inhibition is not persisting in this idle state, but the potential to  freely choose the next gear : Change up? Change down? Stop? Continue? Change direction?

But I even have to choose to inhibit. Holidays can be a great support for this. And easter is especially convenient.

For me Alexander Technique is about noticing that I am alive. That is why I provide two practical inspirations for „inhibition-in-a-nutshell“ or „instant easter in three steps“:

Ask yourself

  1. What is my current state of being? Tense? Stressed? Dull? Vital?
  2. Whereby can I notice – now – that I am alive? Breath? Movement? Emotions?
  3. If I like I can simply enjoy this! I can make a mini-celebration that I am alive!

This silent stopping can appear threatening. There can be good reasons for not wanting to notice what is going on inside myself now. Than I can direct my awareness to something alive in my surrounding area:

  1. I  watch an animal (I prefer  squirrels) or a  flower, moved by the wind.
  2. I listen to music. At the moment I feel very alive when I listen to this: Leonard Rose plays: Tchaikovsky-Variations on a Rococo Theme for Cello and Orchestra in A Major op. 33

I wish you all lively easter holidays!


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