Shout out for joy! Rejoice!

Eichhorn_BremenIt sucks.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. As every year.

Commercials and shop windows shout: Buy! Buy! Give! Give! I call it the “commerce group”.

Do you expect an “anti-commerce-speach” now? No. Because they just suck the same. More inhibition, time as gift, no stress with presents, dicover the profound meaning of the feast,… I cal it the “alternitive-gooders-group”.

Blah, blah, blah,… Why does it suck that much?

Because both groups with all their advices send the message: “How you celebrate, is not enough.” not abundant enough – not quiet enough – not peaceful enough – not organic enough – not familial enough – not traditional enough – not aware enough – not alternative enough….

If I got something right this feast is about birth, life and light and love. And if this is true it is also about lust for life.

Therefor I wish you x-mas days filled with lust! I wish you the ability of surrender to WHAT happens and HOW. (From some point on you don´t have a chance to control it anyway.)

Feast with devotion and lying full in front of the TV on the second christmas day? Enjoy it completely! It is also an interesting question how devoted one can be to stress in the kitchen. The traditional family quarrel? Yes – with lust!

Christmas carols or light meditation – these days I wish you to loosen the inner handbrake – without bad conscience.

However you design this days or “waste” the time: It is enough. You are enough. It is exactly as it should be. Unmistakeable: YOUR feast!

In this spirit: Merry Christmas! Shout out for joy! Rejoice!

Love, Stefanie

By the way: If you now feel like you aren´t devoted ENOUGH – I failed to make my point!

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