Perfectly imperfect!

“Yet another cello-sophic blog article. Why am I not prociding more concrete, practical tipps?

Is this blog always about the question of meaning? The huge pathos? Psycho-talk? Why am I writing a lot more about these “profound” things than practical-tangible stuff?

I just can´t help it.

I´m convinced that we spend too much time tweaking the symptoms instead of accepting that there´s a really great deal that easily works if we´re in a state of integrity. And in this state the results we procuce pretty often exceed what we thought possible before. And if we´re not in this state there are a few thing to clarifiy – in ADVANCE.

Here are the principles of my teaching:

  1. Every action originates in mind, heart and soul.
    And if things are going well they are at one with each other. If they disagree there´s no use tweaking the coordination. The intention and inner bearing of my approach to a task determines a) my state of being while executing it, b) the result c) the state of my being in case I fail or succeed.
  2. 1 + 1 = 3
    A human being is always more than the sum of its aspects. When all aspects of our self are well “orchestrated”, human beings can achieve super-human results.
  3. Our inner wisdom and coordination is much more genius than any Alexander technique teacher could ever be.Specialists solve special tasks. Specialist are to be provided with the best working conditions and not to be disturbed. And one should regularly express deeply the value and appreciation of their expertise.
    My digestive system knows best how to split a Tortilla into particles so that all the nutrients reach their usage site. My breathing systems knows where oxygen is needed and carbon dioxyde has to be removed. My nervous system knows which of the billions of micro adjustments are neccessary to play a Schumann concert. (well – actually my nervous system doesn´t, but yours propably does) etc.
    My job is to clarify my intention, offer practise opportunities, ask for what´s needed and then hand over to the specialist and let them do their f*ing awesome job.Not to stand in one´s own way is the greatest piece of art.
  4. Am I allowed to fail?
    Free musical expression is the resonance to a free human being. There´s nothing to be said against a powerful INTENION of the perfect sound – but: what MUST be perfect can´t be free. Forget about it.
  5. Am I allowed to succeed??
    We act as if we were anxious of failing. I think more often we are anxious of suceeeding. Do I rely on my ability to succeed? Do I rely on my megy-team of specialists? What if I were have as terrific as in my megalomanian fantasies? Do I prefer failure because it provides attention and I don´t tread on someones toes?

After a week of teaching three workshops and 26 sprivate sessions with 8 young, amazin personalities this spirit was cleary present in the final concert.

From the depth of my heart I thank Stephan Schrader for creating this space every year, the participating cellists and my coach Bärbel Lonczyk, who tirelessly encourages, empowers and inspires me.

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